Spring is here!

4 04 2009

I’ve been busily preparing equipment for the green that is soon to show. This winter has been slow because of weather and my overall workload with existing projects. We will have some new projects that will be rolled out by May, as well as partnerships with local businesses to provide a new type of virtual tour. Cleaning out the shop currently and prepping the machines for the busy summer!


Winter promo video!

4 01 2009

As I write this, the winter promo video is coming together. What is interesting is that as I edit the video I notice how really bland and colorless Indiana can be in the winter! Sometimes looking at our Earth from a different view gives you a perspective you never had before!

We got a chance to run over to the Soloman Farms property to get some video of the plowed fields and of the beautifully restored windmill. It will be a treat, I promise, to see those shots! It appears that tonight we may be experiencing another ice storm, which I hope to get some video of. The last one that came through here I missed shooting. Then when I could, the winds were 20-30kts each day which doesn’t make for the most enjoyable video.

Stay tuned and be on the lookout for the video!