About Chopperpix.com

Chopperpix.com aerial photography service is the brainchild of David Sanner who has been building and flying remotely piloted aircraft for two decades. His latest custom built unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a flying camera platform that allows him to take stunning low-level Hollywood-style photos and videos in places that no manned aircraft or helicopter could ever go. These electrically powered UAV can move in any direction or hover motionless while capturing high-resolution imagery.  It is small, safe and can be flown near trees, in close proximity to buildings or even flown indoors.

The primary advantage of this type of photography and videography is that is allows the viewer to see a perspective not possible with ground-based cameras. Consider a home being advertised for sale that is situated on a beautiful lake or golf course.  With conventional photography at least two photos would be required, one to show the home and one to show the property’s view. Chopperpix.com technology and capture both the house and the “view” in one spectacular high-resolution shot. Add to these capabilities the latest in photo imagery – aerial spherical panoramas.

The services from Chopperpix.com also include digital editing services making it possible to remove unwanted objects from a photo or even stitch several photos together to create a panorama. Chopperpix.com’s photos can be reviewed at the shooting site and the final high resolution versions are delivered electronically over the Internet usually the next day.  Best of all is the affordability of this service.

Chopperpix.com’s special relationship with the Sanner Team at #1 Advantage Realtors in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has proven that a picture IS worth a million words. Our exclusive relationship for residential real estate photos has Chopperpix.com and #1 Advantage Realtors forging new paths in technology and advertising.

We are happy to serve the Greater Fort Wayne, Indiana area, Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan.


2 responses

7 01 2009
DJ Vegh

Great blog site David. Keep pushing forward!

7 01 2009
David Sanner

Thank you, DJ! For those who are looking for a killer aerial photography provider in the Arizona area, DJ is the owner of AZ Choppercam, and has demonstrated amazing capabilities both with stills and video work. He also partnered with a helicopter manufacturer named Gaui to build a line of camera gimbals specifically for r/c helicopters. You can check out some of the products at Photoship One.

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