Chopperpix – a brief history (part 4)

8 01 2009

One last fast forward to early 2007. Sometimes, simple is better. I had been dabbling with some smaller aerobatic helicopters at that time and thought “hey, that thing is more than capable of flying a decent camera.” I often create a lot of the equipment I use, simply because it’s cost effective and because I can visualize very clearly in my mind what I want, and translate that into a real working thing. I decided I was going to create a specialized camera mount for this smaller helicopter, and so I did. Once I had done so, I began imagining all the purposes that it could fill. And it was simple – simple enough that if something went wrong that I wouldn’t have another “tragedy”.

At this point, I had already acquired my real estate salespersons license. My family has been in the real estate business for as long as I’ve been around, and I desperately wanted to make Chopperpix help out in the real estate side of my life. I had done photos in the past, of course, but now I had a intent and focus, and I was doing it for our business which benefited all of us. It didn’t take long before we collectively decided that we would advertise the cooperation between Chopperpix and #1 Advantage, Realtors, as an exclusive provider of aerial photos of residential real estate. It was another “feather in the hat” for the company – exclusivity. We had something that made people stop and look at our listings twice. Our clients loved it. We heard lots of positive feedback on what we were doing. I finally started to feel legitimate, to feel the dream hadn’t died. Shortly thereafter, I picked up some contracts with a out-of-state advertising company who wanted Chopperpix to provide pictures of large commercial properties. What a feeling it was – all the work was now paying off.

The dream came true.

And today the dream continues. My dad told me long ago these words of guidance – “Make a job out of what you love to do, so that you’ll never have to work a day again in your life.” Ok, that may not be exactly how he said it, but those words are solid gold. At this juncture, Chopperpix has grown in it’s abilities. We’ve done amazing work with aerial spherical panoramas, oblique photography, and HD aerial video. We have amazing helicopters that just a year ago I couldn’t even dream of owning. This spring of ’09 will be another groundbreaking for us, as we pursue much larger ventures. The sky is the limit, and we’re taking the pictures!




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